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The Diaries of Mary Hayden

Dublin woman Mary Hayden (1862-1942) was a scholar, historian, university professor, activist in issues of language, literature, politics and women’s rights. A friend of Yeats, Pearse and the Joyce family, her personal diaries have been edited by Conan Kennedy and published in five volumes by Morrigan Book Company in association with the National Library of Ireland.

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Want to go back to Ireland and the world wide web of the 1990’s ? Not a long journey for Dr Who and his Tardis, but in internet and technology terms an aeon, an age beyone comprehension. Atlantic Island, founded by Morrigan Books, was the first major Irish internet site, serving both the Irish in Ireland and the diaspora. It closed down at the end of the 20th century. But its pages from the 1990’s archived here are an extraordinary journey into the dim distant past !